New and Noteworthy

Release 2.3.0

Drag and Drop support for linking!

Tired of being searching your artifacts twice for linking? If you have the target artifact opened on other browser tab just drag it to Jira!

Dropping dialog identifies and validates the Global Configuration of the remote artifact.

Currently supported applications are Atlassian Jira, IBM Engineering Workflow Management, IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS Next and IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS Family.

Support for IBM Engineering Workflow Management Plans contributions.

A Jira issue can be now an IBM Engineering Workflow Management Plan item.

Improvement for retry links creations failures.

Retry links creations failures one by one or all at once.

Collaboration Links hints.

Get a hint when a linked artifact is missing: is the Global Configuration misconfigured or missing?

License expiration reminder and hostname expose.

Get a warning message 15 days before license expires. Visualize the physical hostname and server type to request a new license.

Release 2.2.0

IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS Family support

You can now manage Collaboration Links with IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS Family.

Linking Restrictions

Starting this version, you can now set the strict linking mode to prevent back-links creation when Jira has no linking capabilities to the back-link owner application.

Release 2.1.0

Jira Data Center compatibility

You can now acquire a SodiusWillert license for running OSLC Connect for Jira in a Data Center instance.

Attachments and other fields support when creating Collaboration Links on a ELM Application

Starting this version, you can now include attachments when creating a Collaboration Link over a new Issue in a ELM Application. This version also includes support for most creation fields, including but not restricted to: Labels, Components, Reporter and Date pickers. To get a list of non-supported fields, please refer to the Known Limitations section.

Multiple issues selection

You can now select multiple issues from the selection dialog when creating a Collaboration Link from a ELM Application.

Display Jira issues in ETM My Tasks dashboard

You can see your Jira open tasks from the Rational Quality Manager My Tasks dashboard.

"Limit for Lifecycle status" DOORS Next filtering support

You can now use the "Limit for Lifecycle status" filter on DOORS Next Generation to selective display those requirements having development items, tracking items or being affected by items on Jira with all regular criteria: None, Open, Resolved, All Resolved or All.

DOORS Next Change Sets linking

You can create now Collaboration Links from DOORS Next Generation Change Sets to a Jira issues.