New and Noteworthy in 3.3.0

OSLC Schemes to tune linking behavior.

This release introduces OSLC schemes, which are a set of rules to prevent or allow link creation given an OSLC Remote Application, registered as a friend application, and its resource types. A given scheme is applied on a consistent group of projects. Schemes allow, for example, to disable some link types or to disable creating remote artifacts when linking. Configuring a scheme is an efficient way to enforce enterprise policy at server level.

Scheme Configuration

Project Associations based on OSLC domains.

Project associations are easier to manage as you only need to indicate the OSLC domain to use for the friend application (e.g. "Requirements Management"), you no longer have to refine the association types.


Compatibility with Teamwork Cloud.

Teamwork Cloud is now an application officially supported by OSLC Connect for Jira. Links from Jira to Teamwork Cloud are unidirectionnal, as Teamwork Cloud does not suport the creation of backlinks. You are recommended to disable backlink creation in the OSLC Scheme.

TRS Rebuild hint on project permission change.

The Tracked Resource Set administration page now shows a hint to recommend rebuilding the feeds if it detects a permission change for the TRS user, as such change can typically increase or restrict his visibility on projects and therefore exposure to consumers of the feeds.

Java 11 as minimum version.

OSLC Connect for Jira now requires Java 11 as minimum version.

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