New and Noteworthy in 3.5.0

Issue Types Mapping

Former Link Type Scheme Mapping and Issue Type Mapping screens are now combined in a single, more intuitive, Issue Types Mapping screen:

Issues Types Mapping

With the same options for customizing the linking from Jira:

Linking From Jira

and/or from the remote applications:

Linking From Remote Apps

but including some new features like disabling an Issue Type from OSLC interactions (by unassociating its OSLC Resource Type):

Disabling Issue Type
Disabled Issue Type

or preventing the issue type change once the dialog is open:

Exclusive Dialog
Exclusived Dialog

TRS Feed Repair and Issues Exposure Testing

Repair TRS feeds, instead of rebuilding them, to avoid reindexing data sources in remote applications like IBM LQE/LDX:

TRS Repair

Test whether an issue is exposed on a TRS feed to help debugging when backlinks are missing on remote applications:

Found Resource Exposure Missing Resource Exposure

Simpler way to enable Configuration Management support

No more Link-Type/Version-Field associations to enable Configuration Management on a project, just click and confirm to enable it.

Configuration Management Enablement

Improved Global Configurations screen

Now it's possible to filter Versions only with/without Global Configurations assigned and vary the limit of found results.

Global Configurations Improvements

Use of the Jira's Audit Log

Important events including updating a Friend application, change the TRS Functional user or repairing/rebuilding a TRS feed are now tracked in the Audit log:

Audit Log

Option to Reject Self-Signed Certificates

New OSLC Web Security option to reject self-signed certificates (which remain accepted as a default).

Self-Signed Certificates

ScriptRunner Optional Integration

Discovering Jira links from remote applications (e.g. IBM DOORS Next) will be faster when ScriptRunner plug-in is available.

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