Upgrading to 3.5.0

If custom configurations were saved in the former Issue Type Mapping screen, it is recommended to review the configuration of the new Issue Types Mapping screen. The behavior of these screens changed slightly and the migration process may produce an unexpected behavior on remote applications.

Former Issue Type Mapping Screen Actual Issue Types Mapping Screen Possible Required Action After Migration
Not all Issue Types of a Scheme had to be configured/listed. All Issue Types of a Scheme must be configured/listed. None, missing issue types will be added automatically.
Issue Types can be removed to avoid unnecessary dialogs in remote applications. Issue Types cannot be deleted but remote dialogs can be disabled on them. Check if some Issue Types shouldn't be exposed to remote applications and disable dialogs on them.
The same Issue Type can be added multiple times to be exposed as different (named/usage/restricted) dialogs to remote applications. Issue Types cannot be duplicated but multiple usages can be assigned on them. Check if Issue Types having multiple usages assigned on them have the proper dialog name and restrictions. The migration process joined different names (by separating them with a slash) and applied the most restrictive behavior.