Product Restrictions

AUTOSAR Restrictions

Version of ARXF_CP_V8.0.1 has a few restrictions which are related to AUTOSAR:

UML Modeling Restrictions

Almost all UML elements can be used in Rhapsody in combination with the ARXF-CP. This includes classes, objects, singleton objects, files, statecharts, several kinds of relations etc. However, some UML elements cannot be used together with C code generation:

Target Debugger Restrictions

The UML UML Target Debugger which comes with version of ARXF_CP_V8.0.1 does not support XCP communication and A2L symbolic information. It supports the mini-RTE which comes with the product. Breakpoints can not be set specifying a reactive class, but only by UML event ID.

mini-RTE Restrictions

The mini-RTE which comes with the product is not a full blown RTE. It is not AUTOSAR complient, but serves the purpose of simple simulating the examples in Windows. It supports the AUTOSAR Ports used in the examples.

The mini-RTE does not respect user modifications to AUTOSAR ports when re-generating a mini-RTE.