Standard Content

The product ARXF-CP comes with standard content which you can use when creating a model:

Standard Content is a sort of copy and paste solution for your model:
From now on, when adding stereotype X to your model, that artifact will be copied into your model.
To add Standard Content you can add an SWC from ArUML_ARXF_CP:


Because it is a bit tricky to create your own SW-C from scratch, we created standard content you can use or inspect as an example. The standard content is located in the profile ArUML_ARXF_CP

This SWC contains:

You must set the tag supportsMultipleInstantiation to True if the SW-C supports multiple instantiation. The RTE generates a self pointer as argument for a runnable in a SW-C which has the AUTOSAR property supportsMultipleInstantiation set to true. In any RTE call from within this SW-C you must pass this self pointer as argument: during initialization of the SWC we store this self pointer into this attribute.

It is good practice to use an attribute self. Each runnable uses a self pointer as argument, which is of type Rte_Instance, when the tag supportsMultipleInstantiation is set to True. Obviously, this must match the specification of the SW-C in the AUTOSAR tool.

You must restrict the number of UML events processed by an eventDispatcher runnable before giving control back to the RTE. There is no UML modeling support for the AUTOSAR Execution Budget. The number 10000 used is an arbitrary value: