For Ports, we distuinguish between AUTOSAR ports and UML ports:
Before modeling ports, there are a few issues you must be aware of: the meaning of a Reversed port and the Behavior checkbox:

Reversed or not

In Rhapsody, there are different ways to model ports and specify a port contract. If you explicitely specify a contract on the General tab of a port, you must use Reversed when using an interface which is in the Provided Interfaces but must be used as a required interface:

Sometimes Rhapsody does not show the Reversed checkbox. You can use the Helper Force Port Reverse from the menu with your RHS mouse, when selecting the port.

Alternatively, if you do not explicitely specify a contract on the General tab of a port, Rhapsody allows you to add a required interface to the Required Interfaces:

Behavior or not

For AUTOSAR ports, no code is generated - only a sample implementation in some cases: you must use the RTE APIs.
So, the Behavior checkbox must be unchecked. If it is checked, the port symbol shown differs:

Behavior checkedBehavior unchecked


AUTOSAR ports are shown in an SWC diagram

All communication between SWCs and other SWCs or Basic Software is handled by the RTE. A mini-RTE can be generated to debug and test your model, including AUTOSAR port communication.

The ARXF-CP supports two kinds of AUTOSAR ports:

The helper Interface2Runnable can be used to generate a runnable for a server port or a runnable for a receiver port: The runnable(s) added to the SWC on which the server port resides also have a portAccess dependency to the server port.

Check Wellformedness
The generator of the mini-RTE, as well as the Helper Interface2Runnable have requirements like a proper interface specified in a port or a portAccess dependency when dealing with a server or a receiver port. You can use a Helper to verify the port being wellformed:

UML Ports

You can find the example BlinkyPlusPorts in the folder <ARXF_CP_V8.0.1 installation folder>\ARXF_CP_V8.0.1\Samples\Autosar\Model\BlinkyPlusPorts
It shows use of a UML port in SwcA. This BlinkyPlusPorts is based on the Blinky example and shows communication between ControllerA and LED_SwcA:

You can not use flowports and UML ports on the same class. To use flow ports you must enable the property C_CG::Port::Generate. The default for the property C_CG::Port::Generate using the RXF is disabled which activates generation of optimized code for UML ports.