Asynchronous Messages

The ARXF-CP supports communication via asynchronous messages, also known as events. This is a strong mechanism for decoupling object-oriented software in run time behavior.

Event receptions in a UML model are usually consumed by classes, which have their behavior modeled via a statechart. An event can for example be perfectly used to trigger a transition to another state.

UML events can be sent from any part of the SW-C to any Rhapsody generated part of the same SW-C instance:

The reason that a UML event can not be send from one SW-C to another SW-C (or instance of the same SW-C) is that communication between SW-Cs is handled via AUTOSAR Ports using RTE generated APIs. Sending and receiving a UML event would require serialization and de-serialization of some data representing the UML event and an RTE API for transport. ARXF_CP_V8.0.1 does not support this.

Dynamic Events vs Static Events

Events can either be dynamic or static with respect to allocation: