MDAccess for DOORS


DOORS is an IBM Rational product that helps you to capture, track and manage user requirements.
Requirements describe what users want from a product or service.

MDAccess for DOORS offers the possibility to write (export) or read (import) an IBM Rational DOORS® database in MDWorkbench®.
The connector use the DXL format to interchange with DOORS. DXL (DOORS eXtension Language) is a scripting language specially developed for DOORS.

MDAccess for DOORS is compatible with DOORS 8.2 and higher.

MDAccess for DOORS naturally plugs in the MDWorkbench platform.

Metamodel identifier: doors


Model Readers:

Model Writers:

Updating DOORS data

Writing data in DOORS is a non trivial task when it comes to determine exactly what should be written and how, notably when an update of existing data is to be performed.
Rather than using the model writer, you are strongly encouraged to use the commands framework, which allows a Java programmer to control the update of DOORS data with fine grained interactions.

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