Writing DOORS data

Important Note: Writing data in DOORS is a non trivial task when it comes to determine exactly what should be written and how, notably when an update of existing data is to be performed.
Rather than using the model writer, you are now strongly encouraged to use the commands framework, which allows a Java programmer to control the update of DOORS data with fine grained interactions.

User Interface

The Application writer is used to write a DOORS model into the active DOORS application. When the writer is executed, a selection dialog is opened. This dialog enables to configure the scope of data to be written into DOORS.

Writer Dialog

The dialog shows the folder and module hierarchy in the DOORS model. You are requested to check the items that should be written in the active DOORS database. By default, these items will be written at the root of the database. You may optionally change the writing mode and select an exiting DOORS folder in which the data should be written.

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