Check the deployment of the OSLC Connect for Windchill Extension

If for some reasons, there is no new elements added to your Winchill to associate products and parts to your ELM work areas, or you don't find the graphic controls to link working artefacts like change requests to their ELM counterparts, then it's time to check the Installing the OSLC Connect for Windchill Extensions to Windchill section.

In this section, you'll learn how to check this deployment but also how to re-do, manually, some of the steps necessary to correctly execute the deployment.

Check from the Windchill user interface

A simple way to check the correct installation of the OSLC Connect for Windchill Extension is to use the Windchill Customization page, proceed this way:

  1. Connect to Windchill with Administrator credentials
  2. Click on the Browse menu on the left
  3. On the top icons bar, click on the Customization icon, it should be on the right
  4. Click on Tools
  5. You should get a list of clickable items, choose the first one, Action
  6. Then, locate the Action Model File field to enter Sodius-actionModels.xml, click Search

If the OSLC Connect for Windchill Extension are correctly installed, you should get a table with the following results:

Label Name Type
Add Link to Artifact createOslcLink oslclink
Collaboration Links oslcLinkInfoPage changeNotice
Collaboration Links oslcLinkInfoPage changeRequest
Collaboration Links oslcLinkInfoPage problemReport
Collaboration Links oslcLinkInfoPage part
Configuration Association oslcConfigurationMenuChangeNotice changeNotice
Configuration Association oslcConfigurationMenuChangeReqest changeRequest
Configuration Association oslcConfigurationMenuProblemReport problemReport
Create Association createOslcProjectAssociation oslcprojectassociation
Create OSLC Local Configuration createOslcLocalConfiguration oslclocalconfiguration
Delete Association deleteOslcProjectAssociation oslcprojectassociation
Delete Links deleteOslcLink oslclink
Delete OSLC Local Configuration deleteOslcLocalConfiguration oslclocalconfiguration
Local Configurations oslcLocalConfigurationMenu product
OSLC Configuration Management oslcGlobalConfigurationMenu product
OSLC Connect Administration oslcConnectAdministration oslcconnectadmin
Project Associations oslcProjectAssociationMenu product
Refresh links refreshOslcLink oslclink

Not seeing this table means the extensions are not correctly deployed. It's time to investigate a step further.

Note: if you don't see the Customization button, here is how: Enable the PTC Windchill Customization tab.

Check Installation of the Extension files on the file system

This section is a check list to help you to get a status about the OSLC Connect for Windchill Extension deployment. Once done, send the results to the SodiusWillert development team, which will help you to fix this setup.

Visually confirm that the following folders and files are present in the Windchill application directory (typically C:\ptc\Windchill_11.0\Windchill):

Type Path Content
Folder /codebase/config/actions Sodius-actionModels.xml
Folder /codebase/netmarkets/javascript/sodius am/
Folder /codebase/netmarkets/javascript/util/jsfrags sodiusContextHelper.jsfrag
Folder /codebase/netmarkets/jsp/sodius/oslc
(For brevity, this one is not a comprehensive list)
Folder /sodius/config config.xml
Folder /sodius/properties/reg_adds
Folder tasks/com/sodius/oslc 12 XML files
Folder /sodius/lib All the .jar files that are delivered with the extension zip ( in the /resources/sodius/lib folder.

Visually confirm that the following file is present in the Windchill Apache HTTPServer conf directory (typically C:\ptc\Windchill_11.0\HTTPServer):

Type Path Content
File conf/conf.d/99-app-Windchill-OSLC-connect.conf n/a

Check the installation of the Extension action models and actions

For the Sodius-actionModels.xml and Sodius-actions.xml, check the Windchill user has sufficient privileges to read those files:

In case of a conflict with a preceding customer action model file, perform a merge of the extension action model file with the conflicting customer action model file, as described in Resolve OSLC Connect action model conflicts

Check the installation of the Extension tables in Windchill SQL Database

After the execution of the extension install script, the following tables should be present in the Windchill database:

Table Name Table Description
OSLCCACHEENTRY Table containing the OSLC cache entries.
OSLCCONSUMER Table containing the OSLC consumers.
OSLCFRIEND Table containing the OSLC friends.
OSLCGCENABLE Table containing the Windchill products for which OSLC Configuration management has been enabled.
OSLCGLOBALCONFIGURATION Table containing the global configurations associated to change objects (in the "Found In" or "Planned For" fields) and the nominal configurations associated to parts.
OSLCLINK Table containing the links owned by Windchill artifacts.
OSLCLOCALCONFCRITERIALINK Table containing the NavCriteriaConfigSpecLink used by filters in OSLC local configurations.
OSLCLOCALCONFIGSPEC Table containing the WTPartConfigSpec used by filters in OSLC local configurations.
OSLCLOCALCONFIGURATION Table containing the OSLC local configurations.
OSLCLOCK Table containing the OSLC locks for synchronous task execution.
OSLCPAGERESULTS Table containing paginated query results.
OSLCPAGINGSESSION Table containing paging sessions, to manage paginated query results.
OSLCPROJECTASSOCIATION Table containing the product associations to remote OSLC projects.
OSLCSERVERSETTING Table containing various settings for the OSLC connector.
OSLCTRSAMBASE Table containing tracked resources for the OSLC AM domain.
OSLCTRSAMCHANGEEVENT Table containing change events to tracked resources for the OSLC AM domain.
OSLCTRSCMBASE Table containing tracked resources for the OSLC CM domain.
OSLCTRSCMCHANGEEVENT Table containing change events to tracked resources for the OSLC CM domain.
OSLCTRSPROCESSBASE Table containing tracked resources for the OSLC Process domain.
OSLCTRSPROCESSCHANGEEVENT Table containing change events to tracked resources for the OSLC Process domain.
OSLCTRSSERVICECONTROL Table containing control variables for TRS Base and ChangeLog computation.

Check out the Troubleshooting page SodiusWillert extensions deployment with database errors.

Check the registration of the OSLC Connect for Windchill properties in Windchill file site.xconf

This step is automatically performed by the extensionInstall.xml Ant script.

The site.xconf file located at the root of Windchill Home folder can be opened to check that the Extension properties have been added.

Check the recombination of the windchill_all.js Source

This step is automatically performed by the extensionInstall.xml Ant script.

  1. Have Windchill recombine all its Javascript sources along with the OSLC Connect for Windchill Extension Javascript:

Check the registration of Spring MVC beans

Some components of the OSLC Connect for Windchill Extension rely on Spring MVC beans. This configuration should be automatically performed by the extensionInstall.xml ant script. To confirm proper execution of the script, examine the Sodius-configs.xml file for ChangeRequests and for Parts.

  1. View the following file: <Windchill>/codebase/config/mvc/Sodius-configs.xml
  2. Confirm that the following line appears within the Spring MVC <beans></beans> XML element:
    <context:component-scan base-package=""/>

Now you've checked your setup, send us your results, thanks.