Enable the PTC Windchill Customization tab

Form some purposes like how to Check the deployment of the OSLC Connect for Windchill Extension, you need to access the PTC Windchill Customization settings tab. But this is not visible by default on PTC Windchill.

Follow this procedure to enable this Customization tab:

  1. Connect PTC Windchill with Administration rights
  2. Click the Browse menu on the left
  3. On the top bar, locate and click the Site button
  4. Click on the Utilities link
  5. Locate the Business Administration section, and click on Preference Management
  6. Locate the Client Customization item, open the tree
  7. Right click on the Client Customization item, and set the item to Yes

Refresh the interface, click on the Browse menu on the left and check the top bar, the Customization button is now available.