Diagnose Publisher Configuration

General description

For some reason, some of the diagnostic points may fail or be invalid. This will lead to the inability to publish the model, or the published model may not be as good as expected. Find below the description of how the diagnostic tool works and what can be done to solve error messages.

Rules checked during diagnostic might be interdependent such as the check of an opened project in Rhapsody cannot be run if Rhapsody is not running. The check about the opened Rhapsody project (see image) will not be done in this case.

Description of each verification

In this section, each check will be described and tips will be given in case of fail or invalid result

Copy to clipboard

The button "copy to clipboard" helps the user to share results with the Publisher's support team directly on the Jira support portal by pasting the content of the clipboard

To help the Publisher team understand the error, a bit more information is extracted when “Copy to clipboard” is used. Here is a sample:
FAILED - null - No project open in Rhapsody.
UNKNOWN - null - The Publisher Plugin Availability check has not been started.
SUCCESS - C:\Program Files\Publisher4Rhapsody\3.2.1\cli\com.sodius.mdw.metamodel.rhapsody.cli_1.1.6.I20231229-1543.jar - Path to the Rhapsody Publisher plugin correctly defined: C:\Program Files\Publisher4Rhapsody\3.2.1\cli\com.sodius.mdw.metamodel.rhapsody.cli_1.1.6.I20231229-1543.jar
SUCCESS - true - Publisher plugin declaration found in Rhapsody.
SUCCESS - true - A running Rhapsody application is reachable.
SUCCESS - true - A Rhapsody API can be loaded.
SUCCESS - 1 - A running Rhapsody application has been found.
SUCCESS - true - MDWorkbench is available
SUCCESS - C:\Program Files\IBM\Rhapsody\9.0.2\Share - The Publisher Configuration Path correspond to the path set in the Publisher configuration.
SUCCESS - System Architect - The Rhapsody Edition is "System Architect".
SUCCESS - 9.0.2 - Version of the current Rhapsody is 9.0.2.
SUCCESS - 64 - The Publisher property file is referencing a 64-bit Rhapsody.
SUCCESS - C++ - The Rhapsody Language is C++.
SUCCESS - - Version of Rhapsody Publisher plugin:

The first column represents the status of the check. The second is the value returned by the check. When the value is null, it means that the check failed or is not started. Other values relate to the check executed. In the last column, it is the message displayed in the wizard.

For technical reasons, we have chosen to not display all checks because some are not relevant from the users point of view.