Configuring the Publisher

In the publisher.ini file, available under %INSTALL_PATH%\Publisher4Rhapsody\%PUB_VERSION%\publisher.ini, the main options are: Please refer to Installation Recommendations for Performance for more details.
These options are configured during installation and set in the file publisher.ini.

Other transformation options can be modified in the file, located in C:\ProgramData\Publisher4Rhapsody\%PUB_VERSION% folder.
To configure the publisher transformation, open the file. By default, here are the options available:

# Determines whether Elements Name should be replaced by label values. Available values: ElementName, LabelValue - default: ElementName
# Determines whether Colors are transformed from Rhapsody. Available values: RhpColors, MDColors - default: RhpColors
# Determines whether the Rhapsody profiles must be un-applied. Available values: true, false - default: false
# Determines the way Item Flows are transformed. Available values: Signal, InformationItem, Class, ... - default: Signal
# Determines whether Properties in Object Model Diagrams are transformed to Instance Specifications. Available values: true, false - default: false
# Determines whether Metrics are generated from Rhapsody. Available values: true, false - default: false
# Determines whether Flow Port visibility is forced to public. Available values: true, false - default: false
# Determines the MagicDraw profiles version that has to be loaded. Available values: 19.0, 2021x, 2022x - default 2022x
# Determines whether 'Rhapsody Application NG' or 'Rhapsody On-Demand' is used to read Rhapsody data. Available values: Rhapsody Application NG, Rhapsody On-Demand - default: Rhapsody Application NG
rhp2md.rhapsody.accessor=Rhapsody Application NG
# Determines whether the DoDAF2 Stereotypes will be converted to SysML. Available values: true, false - default: true
# Determines whether the <<NewTerm>> elements will be grouped in Smart Packages. Available values: true, false - default: false
# Determines whether logs and xmi intermediate file should be generated or not. Available values: true, false - default: true
# Determines the minimum level of logs printed in log file. Available values: debug, info, warning, error - default: info
# Determines whether ContainmentLinks are displayed in Diagrams. Default: true
# Determines whether an obfuscated intermediate representation of the model should be saved. Default: false
# Determines whether Rhapsody is restarted at the end of the publication. Default: true
# Determines the Stereotypes, inherited from <<InvisibleStereotype>> that are transformed in Rhapsody. Available values: Stereotypes names inherited from <<InvisibleStereotype>>. Default value: “IdentifiableElement”. Use "," as separator for multiple values.
# Determines whether the publication can be run independently of the diagnostic result. Default: false
# Determines whether image diagram previews will be generated in Rhapsody. Default: true
# Determines path to MagicDraw used project directory. In case of several paths to use, they must be separated by a comma. Default: empty string
# Determines whether OSLC Links must be published from Rhapsody. Default: false
# Determines whether diagram previews in Diagram are disabled. Default: true
# Determines whether Extra Empty Activity Diagram must be removed. Default: true