Installation Recommendations for Performance

This sections describes the configuration settings to increase performance for large models.

The publisher.ini file located in the Publisher release folder includes settings for memory allocation which can decrease the time it takes to publish large models.

To adjust the memory allocation, open the publisher.ini file and locate the following items:

The Xms value does not need to me modified. The Xmx1024m value can be modified to increase the memory allocated to the publisher application. Increasing the allocated memory improves the performance.
Important Do not allocate more memory to the Publisher than the hardware capability of the system running the Publisher. The theoretical limit for maximum pool size on a 32bit system is 4GB and for a 64bit it is 2^64.
In order to determine the total available Installed RAM on your PC select Windows Key ->Type About ->select About you PC.

By modifying the -Xmx1024m value you can decrease the amount of time it takes to publish larger models.

For example a model with 3000 diagrams and 150,0000 elements can take up to 12 hours to publish at 8g depending on the complexity of them model. Increasing the memory to 10g decreased the publish time to 8 hours.
The sample models in the Rhapsody installation directory only take a few minutes to publish. It is not a linear correlation but does provide some insight.
Also for large models it is suggested to modify the power settings of the machine as to not time-out or go to sleep in the middle of the publish.