Installing Publisher for Rhapsody - Manual installation

The publisher is a stand alone application embedded in an exe installer (see Installation guide). However a manual installation is possible using the provided zip file. Before going further be sure to have administrator rights on the computer the publisher will be installed. The following provides the methods to install and configure the application assuming the prerequisites of the system are met. Refer to the Getting Started section for Prerequisites and the Administration Guide for display configuration and silent mode execution. Limitations

  1. The publisher supports Windows operating systems. Other operating environments are not supported. This is due to the FlexNetâ„¢ licensing scheme.
  2. The publisher provides a transformation between two interfaces with different capabilities. The publish is a one way implementation. Round tripping is not supported.
  3. Only one version and instance of Rhapsody should be open during a publish.
  4. It is recommended to close and restart the publisher between subsequent publishes of large models.

Installing Publisher for Rhapsody manually

The Publisher is a stand alone application that communicates with the active Rhapsody instance to gather the information. Note:

For silent mode/scripted execution, please refer to the Silent Mode section of the Administration Guide.
  1. Download the .zip Publisher file.
  2. Unzip the .zip.
  3. The zip file will contains several folders, included the cli folder that contains plugins (com.sodius.mdw.metamodel.rhapsody.cli-.jar and com.sodius.mdw.metamodel.rhapsody.cli.utils-.jar) that will be used in the next steps.
You have to stop IBM Rhapsody before doing those changes. Install the CLI plugin in Rhapsody: The [Plugin] section should look like this:

The [SodiusXmiExporter] section should look like this:

The JavaClassPath is the path to the CLI plugins (replace with the current version of the plugin). You can leave them in the zip extracted folder or move them at another location. (try to avoid space in the path)
The location on the Rhapsody ini file should be one of:
  1. Tthe directory in which the rhapsody.exe is located
  2. The users directory. For example: c:\users\username\IBM\Rational\Rhapsody\
  3. ProgramData or All User Directory when software is installed for all users
  4. The Windows directory