Installing MagicDraw Publisher for Rhapsody

The MagicDraw Publisher is a self contained application download.

Note: Please ensure that only a single version of Rhapsody is installed on the machine and a single instance is running while publishing.

For silent mode/scripted execution, please refer to the Silent Mode section of the Administration Guide.

  1. Download the .zip release package
  2. Unzip the file
  3. Open the publisher.ini file
  4. Update the path to the Rhapsody Share Folder
  5. Check the path to the properties.ini file
  6. Update the -Xmx1024m value to the maximum allowable for your hardware configuration (Refer to Memory configuration in the Administration Guide for further details)
  7. Run the Publisher Application from the Release folder. publiser.exe
  8. In the MagicDraw SysML Publisher for Rhapsody GUI, Select Windows -> Preferences -> MDWorkbench -> License
  9. Select the license type and license and select apply
  10. Confirmation and restart is required when the license is changed.
  11. Completion of the restart is the completion of the installation.

Refer to the Administration Guide for silent mode installation