Installation and configuration of Neo4j


For its SECollab product, Sodius has chosen to integrate the Neo4j database. By its graph-oriented nature, this one is particularly adapted to the creation of complex relations between heterogeneous data.

To facilitate its integration with SECollab, Sodius has entered into a partnership with Neo4j, Inc. With this agreement and as part of the exclusive deployment of SECollab, you can install and use the Enterprise version of Neo4j without any license from the publisher.

Supported Versions

The only officially supported version is the 4.4 Enterprise version of Neo4j (and its minor 4.4.X patches).


Neo4j's official documentation is excellent and self-sufficient. As a result, referrals will be made for the simplest operations. For delicate points and configurations specific to SECollab, we will provide further complimentary explanations to the Neo4j documentation. Likewise, we advise you to get the official documentation before proceeding with the following steps.

Note: An installation archive and Neo4j pdf documentation are included in the SECollab installation package.


The procedure for preparing and configuring a Neo4j environment for use by SECollab is as follows:

  1. Neo4j hardware and software requirements
  2. Deployment types
  3. Installing Neo4j Binary
  4. Setting up a single Neo4j database
  5. Neo4j cluster configuration
  6. Post-installation Settings