Installing the Neo4j Binary

Normal installation procedure

For this operation, we refer you to Chapter 2 of the pdf documentation (or online). In the case of a Neo4j cluster deployment, you must repeat the binary installation on each cluster member server.

Installation procedure with the archive provided with SECollab

If you are in one of these situations:

An archive of the Neo4j binary is provided in the SECollab installation package, as well as the official Neo4j documentation to follow in order to install it.

Notes if you choose a Linux system:

Installing the SECollab plugin for Neo4j

To work, SECollab needs a Neo4j plugin. The plugin will already be installed if you have used the archive provided by SECollab otherwise you will have to install it on each Neo4j server. To do this, get the plugin com.sodius.neo4j.oslc-{version}.jar and copy it to the plugins folder of Neo4j.

Configuration file

In the following, we will configure Neo4j thanks to the configuration fileneo4j.conf. Depending on your installation method, its location is:

For more details, see section 4.2 of the pdf documentation (or online).