List of ARXF-CP Defines

The file RXF_Defines.h generated with your model contains the defines: The file RXF-Defines.h is included by RXF_Config.h and thus included by generated sources. The ARXF-CP can be configured and tailored to the specific needs of an application.

The file RXF_Config.h is generated for a Component/Configuration combination. If you need different values for different SWCs, the SWCs must be organized in different Components.

The configuration results in Defines which are generated into RXF_Config.h which is included by generated sources.
Defines which are generated into RXF_Config.h can be divided into several categories.


Memory Pools

Defines are generated at a model level for the dimension of the memory pools. One can not differentiate per SW-C. This is a restriction which will be fixed later.

Defines resulting from the Memory Pools tab of the RXF Configuration:

RXF_MEMORY_MAX_BLOCK is set to the largest block configured.

There are two constants you can define to influence memory allocation:

Build Environment

You may want to have extra defines used when building the deployed sources.
Via the Code Generation tab of the ARXF-CP Configuration you can add multiple lines to a generated RXF_Config.h, each with a define.