List of ARXF-CP Defines


The file RXF_Defines.h generated with your model contains the defines: The file RXF-Defines.h is included by RXF_Config.h and thus included by generated sources.


The ARXF-CP can be configured and tailored to the specific needs of an application.

The file RXF_Config.h is generated for a Component/Configuration combination. If you need different values for different SWCs, the SWCs must be organized in different Components.

The configuration results in Defines which are generated into RXF_Config.h which is included by generated sources.
Defines which are generated into RXF_Config.h can be divided into several categories.


Memory Pools
Defines are generated at a model level for the dimension of the memory pools. One can not differentiate per SW-C. This is a restriction which will be fixed later.

Defines resulting from the Memory Pools tab of the RXF Configuration:

RXF_MEMORY_MAX_BLOCK is set to the largest block configured.

There are two constants you can define to influence memory allocation:

Target Debugger
Defines resulting from stereotypes and their tags of the RXFMonitor profile are grouped beneath the heading RXF Monitor defines, if the stereotype RXFAnimation is set to your active Component or Configuration to enable the Monitor of the UML Target Debugger in the ARXF-CP.
Build Environment
You may want to have extra defines used when building the deployed sources.
Via the Code Generation tab of the ARXF-CP Configuration you can add multiple lines to a generated RXF_Config.h, each with a define.