The RXF for AUTOSAR Classic Platform (ARXF-CP) from SodiusWillert is the interface between a UML model and an AUTOSAR Classic Platform environment.

The ARXF-CP is implemented as an RTOS adapter of the standard RXF-C. The RXF is maintained by SodiusWillert in the form of a Rhapsody model, which has multiple RTOS adapters of which one is 'Autosar'. Although this documentation is dedicated for the ARXF-CP, this is the reason you will see (generic) RXF details too when using the product.

The ARXF-CP facilitates the use of UML in connection with code generation for AUTOSAR Classic Platform. A UML model which uses the ARXF-CP for code generation, is named an ArUML model.

Product ARXF_CP_V8.00

The ARXF-CP must be configured for your specific AUTOSAR environment, but this product comes with examples which you can use in two environments:
The product allows you to model SW-Cs and generate C code. The generated code plus sources of the ARXF-CP are deployed to an environment where they must be build. This product does not support importing ArXML or exporting ArXML: it supports a Use Case where you use existing RTE contract files.

For importing/exporting ARXML into/from an ArUML model, you need the Model2Model or M2M tool to transform between a UML model and an ArUML model.

The name and type of SW-Cs plus their runnables must match the AUTOSAR environment where the code and ARXF-CP is used.

This Use Case can be illustrated as follows:

How to Get Started

It is recommended to get familiar with the installation of your product by reading the "Usage" section of the help. At least you should take the time to read the "Installation" section and then go through the "Getting Started" tutorial.