Installation AUTOSAR extension

The installation of this extension by SodiusWillert requires you to already have the modeling tool Rhapsody installed.

Important: if you would like to have the extension deployed on every Rhapsody on your machine please launch the installer with the command “Run as Administrator”.

Start the installer:

Use the custom install for selecting what you would like to install and where on your computer:

Select the features you would like to install and specify the installation path.

Click on install to launch the installation:

By default, the setup will install the ARXF-CP and the M2M. The default installation path will be C:\Program Files\SOWI\AUTOSAR_EXTENSION

A symbolic link will be created by the setup. This link will connect the installation of the AUTOSAR extension (default path is C:\Program Files\SOWI\AUTOSAR_EXTENSION\) and the variable OMROOT of all Rhapsody installatons on your machine.

Possible Problems During Setup

If you experience any problems, please first check the following possible solutions:

Bringing the ARXF-CP under Configuration Management

See Software Configuration Management page.