Installation using the RXFActivator

The installation of an ARXF-CP by SodiusWillert requires you to already have the modeling tool Rhapsody installed.

A release of an ARXF-CP is delivered as ZIP-Archive. It contains all framework files and the related tools, samples and documentation. You should select a destination folder to unzip it where your user account has read and write access.

Once the ZIP has been extracted, the framework is ready to be used. But in most cases Rhapdody needs to be prepared to work together with the ARXF-CP. The ARXF-CP comes with a small tool called RXFActivator, that performs the Rhapsody ARXF-CP integration for you.

From the extracted ARXF-CP folder execute RXFActivator.exe, it will ask for administrator rights that are needed e.g. to write to the registry. It is a console application that will list all Rhapsody installations found on your machine. All those Rhapsody versions can afterwards be used with the ARXF-CP. The program can be exited by pressing any key after it has finished.

Screenshot of the RXFActivator tool.

Moving the RXF Folder and Installing new Rhapsody Versions

You can move the RXF folder to any other location with read and write access, there is no need to re-execute the RXFActivator.
But you need to re-execute it after a new Rhapsody version has been installed.

Possible Problems During Setup

If you experience any problems, please first check the following possible solutions:

Uninstalling the ARXF-CP

Basically all you need to do to uninstall the ARXF-CP is to delete its folder.
Regarding the Rhapsody modifications the RXFActivator also performs, usually there is no need to undo it. However if you completely removed all RXFs from your computer you can follow the following steps to make sure the ARXF-CP does not leave modifications in the Rhapsody installation:

Bringing the ARXF-CP under Configuration Management

See Software Configuration Management page.