Software Configuration Management (SCM)

If you work on one model with a team, its absolutely necessary to put your model into a config management solution. If you do this, a question will be, where to put the ARXF-CP and from which location to include the ARXF-CP specific profile. The next steps will lead you through our best-practice aproach. Precondition is that your config management tool supports externals - we use SVN and it works fine:

That's it.

This approach has the advantage that the installed ARXF-CP is under config management to and you can easily switch versions by changing the ARXF-CP version number in your external. The user model can be checked out to any directory (if only relative paths are used) - Nevertheless we would recommend to use same checkout directories (and also same Tool Paths) on every development PC.

Subversion Support (svn)

For Subversion support the setting WSTSubversion can be included from RXF\Profiles\Settings\WSTSubversion.