M2M Import Modeling Guide

This guide describes the modeling activities to complete a transformation rule set in Rhapsody with the M2M Import Framework.

Prerequisites for M2MImportRuleset modeling

Before starting the M2M Modeling activity, load the M2M_IE Profile by following these steps:

- Open the model to be transformed (It can be UML, SysML, MARTE, AUTOSAR or any home-made profiles)
- Click on File/Add To Model…, and select M2M_IE.sbsx previously deployed in your Rhapsody Profiles folder ($OMROOT/Profiles/M2M_IE). It will automatically load the superset profile M2M.sbsx.
- Click again on File/Add To Model, to select the MDWMetamodel which is the source metamodel used to read the source file. And then, add the profile of the domain where you want to transform. If you want to transform towards UML, you do not need to select a profile.

Modeling steps