M2MImportRuleset modeling

To model a complete M2MImportRuleset, follow these steps:

  1. Right-click on the project, click on Add New | M2MIE | M2MImportRuleset

    Add New M2MImportRuleset

  2. Right-click on the M2MImportRuleset, and click on “Features…” in the context dialog

  3. Once the feature dialog is opened, click on the Tab “Tags”
    Add New M2MImportRuleset

  4. Next, fill in the Context Tags M2MImportRuleset.source_metamodel and AbstractToRhpRuleset.target_profile of your choice with the Tag tree view:
    Fill In M2MImportRuleset Tags

  5. To organize a M2MImportRuleset with several packages, M2MIPackage elements can be created. To create a M2MIPackage, right-click on the M2MImportRuleset, and click on Add New | M2MIE | M2MIPackage
    Add New M2MIPackage