User Guide

This guide describes concepts, components and functionalities of OSLC Connect for Confluence in order to connect Atlassian Confluence to any OSLC-enabled application [1]. You can create OSLC links to add, share and access real-time engineering data right from the comfort of your Confluence space and boost collaboration across engineering teams.

An OSLC Link is a link between two elements that belong to different applications.

Once installed and properly configured [2], OSLC Connect for Confluence allows to create one-way links to OSLC Remote Application artifacts, directly embedded within the content of a Confluence page.

OSLC Remote Application artifacts will not be updated when creating OSLC links in Confluence, nor will they be able to navigate back to the Confluence page.

Given OSLC Connect for Confluence only allows one-way linking, there is no actions to perform for the OSLC Remote Application users, only Confluence users are invited to learn how to: