Managing OSLC Links

Once OSLC Connect for Confluence is installed and configured, users have access to a new macro when they edit a page: the OSLC Connect - Link macro. To open the OSLC Link macro editor, users can either:

With the OSLC Connect - Link macro, it is possible to create or remove OSLC links, as well as choose between different display modes.

If everything went as planned, the linking wizard will be closed, then the created OSLC Connect - Link macro(s) will be visible inside the page, at the location that was selected when the editor was opened.

Updating an OSLC Link

After an OSLC Link has been created, you can update a few settings.

  1. Double-click on the OSLC Connect - Link macro, or click on the Edit button.
  2. A modal will be displayed where you can choose:

There is no way to update the target artifact of an OSLC Link. If you chose the wrong artifact, you will have to remove the OSLC Link and then create it again correctly.

Previewing an OSLC Link

At any point when updating an OSLC Link, a preview of the macro is displayed. It allows verifying that the link displays the remote artifact as expected, with the chosen presentation (link, small preview or large preview) and Global Configuration.

Removing an OSLC Link

  1. Click on the OSLC Connect - Link macro placeholder you want to remove.
  2. Click on the Remove button.

If everything went ok, you should no longer see the macro placeholder inside the page.

Global Configurations Compatibility

OSLC Links cannot be created if the OSLC Remote Application is Configuration Management enabled, unless a Global Configuration has been set up on the current Confluence page, or the user selects a Pinned GC. To learn more, see how to Manage Global Configurations.