Managing Global Configurations

If you are not familiar with Global Configuration concepts, please take the time to read our introduction to Configurations.

Global Configurations when creating or editing a Confluence page

To create OSLC Links with versioned artifacts there are a few prerequisites:

  1. A Confluence server administrator has registered a Friend with a Global Configuration Manager application.
  2. A Confluence space administrator has created an association between the current space and a remote artifact container that is Configuration Management enabled.

Page Global Configuration

Once the above steps are complete, you can make use of the Global Configuration button, displayed in the Confluence page editor toolbar. This button allows you to pick a Global Configuration to associate with your current page. Once a Global Configuration has been chosen, new and existing OSLC links on this page will target versioned artifacts corresponding to the selected GC, provided that the artifact belongs to a GC enabled remote artifact container.

Once a Global Configuration is selected in the page editor, it is used immediately for all users editing the page draft when creating a new OSLC Link, as well as when previewing an existing OSLC Link or the entire page. For other users, the change of Global Configuration will only be visible after the page is published.

Note: While the OSLC Global Configuration is controlled through the editor toolbar, it is still saved in the page like any other macro. It is why a OSLC Connect - Global Configuration macro is displayed at the top of the page when a GC is selected. It is advised not to try to interact with or delete this macro.

Pinned Global Configuration

An alternative strategy is to use a Pinned Global Configuration for a given OSLC Link. During the creation or edition of a OSLC Connect - Link macro, it is possible to select a Pinned GC, so that the link always points to the same version of the remote artifact, ignoring the page GC.

Global Configurations when displaying a Confluence page

If a Confluence page contains OSLC Links with versioned artifacts, you may see a Global Configuration widget displayed near the page title.

It starts by displaying the Global Configuration associated with the current page. The OSLC Links and Previews will display the versioned artifact corresponding to the selected GC. It is possible to display a different version of these versioned artifacts, by selecting another Global Configuration.

Note that switching the Global Configuration while viewing a page will NOT save any information. Only the current user will see OSLC links in the updated version. To save a new GC and make it visible to other users, you need to edit the page.

Alternatively, if an OSLC Link was saved with a Pinned Global Configuration, its GC icon will be different and it will always point to the same version of the remote artifact, ignoring the page GC.