Adding Structure Providers

MDWorkbench Server is an extensible platform in which you can create your own structure providers, which provides a structural view of a model. This structure information can be used on client side, typically to allow a user selection as an argument of a service execution.

Declaring a Structure Provider Extension

Here are the steps to add a structure provider:

  1. Edit the plug-in MANIFEST file of the created plug-in.
  2. In the Dependencies tab, add a dependency to the plug-in com.sodius.mdw.server
  3. Select the Extensions tab, click Add..., select the com.sodius.mdw.server.structureProvider extension point and click Finish.
  4. Select the com.sodius.mdw.server.structureProvider extension and right-click New > structureProvider.
  5. Enter the qualified name of a class which implements com.sodius.mdw.server.structure.StructureProvider.
  6. Save the MANIFEST file.

Testing the Structure Provider

MDWorkbench Server does not provide a generic web page to test structure providers, as required parameters cannot be determined without knowledge of each specific structure provider.

You have two means to test a structure provider:

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