MDWorkbench Server requires some properties to be configured before the web server is started. Those properties can either be set as Servlet Context Parameters or using Java System properties.

Developers are encouraged to configure MDWorkbench Server using Servlet Context Parameters. Servlet Context Parameters are much more flexible as they can be assigned to a specific web application. They are also easier to configure, some web containers even provide web pages to configure those parameters.

Refer to your web container documentation to get guidance on how to set Servlet Context Parameters or Java System properties.

General Properties

Name Type Required Description
mdw.license string required Address of the license server to use (e.g. @myLicenseServer)
mdw.server.workspace path optional Determines the directory in the server file system where data shall be stored.

Though this setting is not mandatory, developers are strongly encouraged to explicitly define such location. If not set, the workspace location defaults to a folder within the directory referenced by the Java "user.home" System property. Configuring the workspace location is particularly important if the web container runs in a non-interactive mode (e.g. if the server is started as a Windows Service), in which case there is no user directory assigned. path optional If you chose to use System properties to configure MDWorkbench Server, this setting allows simplifying their management. You might use the System property to reference a Java Properties file. All entries in that file will be loaded as System properties when the server is started.

Storage Properties

Name Type Required Description integer optional Number of seconds after which a Storage expires. Default is 1800 seconds. path optional Directory in which storages are written.

Storages are by default written in the a folder within the mdw.server.workspace directory. This property shall be used if for some reason those storages needs to be located somewhere else.

Launch Properties

Name Type Required Description
mdw.server.launch.expiration integer optional Number of seconds after which a Launch expires. Default is 1800 seconds.

Security Properties

Name Type Required Description
mdw.server.encryption.secretKey string optional The secret key used to decode passwords, encryption is being used.

When passwords are exchanged between a client and the server, it is highly recommended that the server is handling HTTPS only. If for some reason this cannot be the case, MDWorkbench Server supports passwords decoding. Please note that this should be considered as a degraded mode and not as a equivalent substitute for the security provided by HTTPS. If you configure your client integration to encrypt passwords, here is how to also configure MDWorkbench Server:

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