Using working sets

A working set enables to define a point of view on metamodel contents. A working set is used to group together some semantically related elements. It can also be used to hide a subset of elements that are considered as non relevant for some particular modeling activity.

Type Working set

Type working set

Features Working set

Feature working set

Working sets can be activated in the Model and Metamodel editors, and in the Properties view. To activate or deactivate a working set for a specific section (part of an editor or a view), use the Working Set drop down menu of this section:

Active working set

The metamodel administrator, as a plugin developer, is in charge to provide the relevant working sets for a particular metamodel. There are predefined working sets, available for every metamodel:

Working set Applies to Description
Metamodel Packages Types Group types by package, as defined in the metamodel.
Note: this working set is not available if the metamodel defines only one package.
Containing Types Attributes and References Group features by their respective declaring type.
Containment References Group references by type: containment, container, simple

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