Browsing a metamodel

The Metamodel editor is a read-only metamodel viewer. It enables to go thought the contents of a metamodel: types, attributes and references. You can open a metamodel editor from the Models view.

This editor displays the list of types defined in the metamodel. When a type is selected, its super-types and sub-types are displayed in the Hierarchy section. Its attributes and references are displayed in the Features section.


This section displays meta-types, enumerations and data types defined in the metamodel. You can customize this type list from the section toolbar:


This section displays the hierarchy of the selected type: both super-types and sub-types.


This section displays the features (attributes and references) of the selected type. You can customize this feature list from the section toolbar:

Properties view

The Properties view (Show Properties View... in the contextual menu) enables to show details about the selected type or feature. You can navigate into the metamodel using hyperlinks in this view, for example to switch from a reference to its type or its opposite.


You can query the contents of the metamodel in different manners:

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