Creating collaborative links

A collaborative link connects a SECollab resource to an external resource (e.g. an Atlassian JIRA issue or an IBM Rational Team Concert CCM work item) or to another SECollab resource, via a standard link defined by the OSLC specification. This also connects two SECollab resources via a custom link type (see section Creating custom link types).

To create a collaborative link:

  1. On the resource page, click the Add button in the Links tab.
  2. Select the type of link to create (for example Elaborate).
  3. Select the action to be triggered, either to create a new target resource or to select an existing resource.
  4. Select a dialog box to use to create or search for a resource.
  5. Fill in the fields expected by the selected dialog box to create or search for a resource.
  6. Click on OK to validate the creation of the link to the created resource or to the existing resource selected.

Here's how to create a link:

  1. If the link type is bidirectional, the reverse link is created first from the target resource.
  2. If an error occurs when updating the target resource, a dialog box can be used to cancel the operation or update the link only one way.
  3. Finally, the collaborative link is created from the source to the target resource.

The modeling and collaborative links of a resource can be visually explored in a graph. For more details, see the section Exploring a resource graph