Creating custom link types

SECollab allows you to add traceability links between resources of the same design or different designs. These links do not exist in the relevant authoring tools. They allow federating in SECollab different data sources that are linked in a common life cycle. The types of traceability links are specific to each project area and are defined by the project leader.

Defining custom link types

The project leader can configure custom collaborative links on the Link types tab of the project administration page.

Changes to link types are not saved until the Save button is clicked.

Below are the properties of a custom link type:

Warning: it is essential not to change the Name of a link type when already used to link resources, or you will lose all previously created links. Only the Title of a link type can be freely modified.

Adding custom collaborative links

Once the custom link types are defined by the project leader, you can create custom collaborative links between resources the same way you create standard collaborative links. For more information, see the section Creating collaborative links.