Design Management

Consulting project designs

Access to designs published in SECollab is done from the main menu Designs.

A Sort by Tool / Title / Import is available. The creator of a Design is its publisher.
Designs can be displayed in tree form, according to the records defined by the project leader, or displayed flat.

By selecting a design, it is possible to inspect its properties, description, content and collaborative links. For more details, see the section Consulting a design.

Importing a design from a File

This page allows publishing in offline mode from a file, using the Import a Design button. You must have previously exported this file with SECollab Publisher. For more information, see the section on Publication.

Deleting a design

A Delete drop-down menu is available on the design page for the "Project Leader" role. It definitively erases the design AND associated comments in reviews.

Caution: As deletion is definitive, it is recommended that you use this command only in rare cases, for example, if you have published the wrong design. If such an error is made while updating an existing design, the recommended solution is to import the correct version over that erroneous version.

In case a design is no longer to be used but you want to keep the associated comments, you can, for example, create an "Archives" folder into which you can move this design.