Class ExecuteLinkIndexQuery

    • Constructor Detail

      • ExecuteLinkIndexQuery

        public ExecuteLinkIndexQuery​(OslcClient client,
                                     URI uri,
                                     LinkIndexQuery linkIndexQuery)
        Creates a new ExecuteLinkIndexQuery instance.

        If the link index query URI is not known, one may use the ResourceResponse.Factory instead.

        client - the OSLC client
        uri - the link index query URI
        linkIndexQuery - the query to execute
    • Method Detail

      • create

        public static Optional<ExecuteLinkIndexQuery> create​(OslcClient client,
                                                             LinkIndexQuery linkIndexQuery)
        Creates a ExecuteLinkIndexQuery instance.

        The given LinkIndexQuery must contain the rootServices property, which will be used to discover the link index query URI.

        If the rootServices property does not have a matching "Service Contribution Resource" document (SCR) or if that SCR does not provide a property, return an empty Optional instead.

        client - an OSLC client
        linkIndexQuery - the link index query to execute
        an optional ExecuteLinkIndexQuery instance