Configuring Jira Server

This configuration section is aimed for the Jira Server administrator; contains procedures for installing the OSLC Connect for Jira app and performing all generic (no-project-specific) configurations. Some of these, however, may require the guidance/aid from a project administrator or the CLM Application administrator.

After Installing app you need to care of:

  1. Configuring License
  2. Configuring Friends and Consumers
  3. Configuring Artifact Types to Issue Types mappings

After you have completed these steps, you can notify Jira project administrators they can start their own project-specific configurations.

This app comes with a status page (see Monitoring Configuration) that allows you to monitor the Jira configurations above and helps you to determine whether you have completed them correctly or not. Feel free to access it at any point of your configuration steps and verify how's your work doing.

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