Configuring OSLC Remote Application

This configuration section is aimed for the OSLC Remote Application administrator, contains the tasks required for completing the configuration of OSLC Connect for Jira. These tasks however are not explained in detail as it is not the scope of this guide to provide procedures of all possible products out there being compatible with this connector; instead, it is expected readers be familiar with configuring friends, consumers and project associations of their own managing product(s). If this is not the case, please refer to the corresponding official documentation before continuing.

Most configurations ahead require a collaborative work with the Jira Server administrator who will ask you to [1]:

  1. Configure a consumer/friend for Jira in each OSLC Remote Application they require.
  2. Register associations for Jira project in each OSLC Remote Application project they require.

If the OSLC Remote Application is a IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management application and Jira team require Global Configurations:

  1. Make sure IBM Global Configuration Management and Jira applications become friends each other.
  2. Verify whether IBM Link Index Provider (LDX) application is installed [2], [3].
  3. Configuring LDX with Jira's Change Management data source.

If they require IBM Jazz Reporting Service and/or IBM Engineering Lifecycle Optimization - Engineering Insights (ENI) services:

  1. Verify whether IBM Lifecycle Query Engine (LQE) application is installed [2], [3].
  2. Configuring LQE with Jira's data sources.

If they require both features, you will also have to:

  1. Making sure ELM Report Builder has an LQE data source using configurations.