New and Noteworthy in 1.3.0

OSLC Schemes to tune linking behavior

This release introduces OSLC schemes, which are a set of rules to prevent or allow link creation given an OSLC Remote Application, registered as a friend application, and its resource types. A given scheme is applied on a consistent group of spaces. Schemes allow, for example, to disable some link types or to disable creating remote artifacts when linking. Configuring a scheme is an efficient way to enforce enterprise policy at server level.

Scheme Configuration

Private linking

An OSLC Scheme enables an administrator to turn on Private Linking. This option avoids storing a label along a link URL, so no information about the link is revealed to unauthenticated users. The label is displayed only after user authenticates to the remote application. This is useful to enforce enterprise security for sensitive information.

Link decorations to view attributes

It is now possible to know the priority, status, or any other attribute of your choice, of the linked artifacts without having to navigate to them or displaying their previews.

Link Appearance

Link display switch

When editing a page and clicking a link, a drop down menu enables switching from inline link display to small or large preview, with one click.

Display Switch

Compatibility with Confluence 8

OSLC Connect for Confluence was verified to be compatible with all Concluence 8.x versions.

Compatibility with Teamwork Cloud

Teamwork Cloud is now an application officially supported by OSLC Connect for Confluence.

Info Downgrading is supported.
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