Below is guidance that may help you to understand common issues and how to workaround them.

Why can't I see my extension in MDWorkbench Server?

If you developed an extension (service, web page, etc.), deployed your plug-in and the functionality doesn't seem to show up in MDWorkbench Server, it might be your plug-in fails to get loaded by the OSGI platform.

Open the following web page: /mdworkbench/web/config/bundles.html. This page lists all plug-ins that were discovered by the OSGI platform. Each plug-in has an associated state.

1. The plug-in does not appear in the list

The plug-in is not even found by the OSGI platform.

Here are some potential causes:

2. The plug-in appears in the list with a state "installed"

The OSGI platform discovered your plug-in but could not load it. A typical reason is your plug-in depends on other plug-ins that are not available in the deployed platform.

You can restart the web container with debug traces to discover why your plug-in is not loaded:

  1. Ensure the Web Server is stopped.
  2. Clean-up the working directory of the Web Server:
  3. Edit the file \webapps\mdworkbench\WEB-INF\web.xml located in your web container.
  4. Uncomment the line which declares the -consoleLog -debug command line arguments and save the changes.
  5. Start the Web Server.

This will make Eclipse to log all plug-ins that cannot get loaded correctly and explain the missing dependencies.
You might add other Eclipse command line arguments there, e.g. the ones listed in here:

3. The plug-in appears in the list with a state "starting", "active" or "resolved"

The plug-in has been successfully loaded by the OSGI platform. If its functionality is not available, it may miss some files that are needed for your extension to activate.

Open the corresponding JAR file in a ZIP viewer and manually verify the files you have in your development environment were correctly deployed into the JAR. If files are missing (e.g. plugin.xml or your HTML and CSS files), review the content of the file of the plug-in in your development environment. This is the file that controls what is deployed and how.