Deploying Plug-Ins

Once you have developed and tested your plug-in using Eclipse and Jetty, you can deploy the plug-in for production usage, so that it gets integrated into a Web Server like Tomcat.

Here are the steps to deploy the plug-in

  1. Click File > Export... and select Deployable plug-ins and fragments.
  2. Select the plug-in you created.
  3. Enter a Directory where to deploy the plug-in.
  4. Click Finish.

This wizard creates a .jar file which holds all your plug-ins files.

Here are the steps to install the deployed plug-in into the Web Server container:

  1. Ensure the Web Server is stopped.
  2. Copy the deployed plug-in in the Web Server:
  3. Make sure previous versions of this plug-in are removed from this plugins location.
  4. You might also need to clean-up the working directory of the Web Server:
  5. Start the Web Server.

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