Adding a Custom Launch Page

Developing a Custom Launch Page

MDWorkbench Server provides a default page to execute services.

Though not required, you might contribute a specific Web page to launch your service to enhance the user experience, for example to better control how service arguments are entered. For that you need to add a Web page to implement the service launcher. This Web page will use a REST interface to execute the service.

Linking the Custom Launch Page

Once the custom Web page is developed, you can update the related Service declaration to enable a direct link to this launch page.

Here are the steps to link the custom launch page:

  1. Edit the plug-in MANIFEST file of the plug-in that declares the service.
  2. Select the Extensions tab, select the service declaration and right-click New > launcherPage.
  3. Enter the relative URL of a Web page used to launch the service (e.g. /web/mycompany/myservice).
  4. Save the MANIFEST file.

The MDWorkbench Server Services integration page then shows a link to the custom launch page when the corresponding Service is selected.

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