Adding Launch Interceptors

A launch interceptor listens for launches at various steps of its execution. It is notified when a launch is scheduled and when its execution starts and completes.

A launch interceptor can modify the arguments of a launch when it is scheduled. This can be convenient to adapt the launch argument provided on client side before it is given to the rule to be executed, for example to add contextual information that is known only on server side.

Declaring a Launch Interceptor Extension

Here are the steps to add a launch interceptor:

  1. Edit the plug-in MANIFEST file of the created plug-in.
  2. In the Dependencies tab, add a dependency to the plug-in com.sodius.mdw.server
  3. Select the Extensions tab, click Add..., select the com.sodius.mdw.server.launchInterceptor extension point and click Finish.
  4. Select the com.sodius.mdw.server.launchInterceptor extension and right-click New > launchInterceptor.
  5. Enter the qualified name of a class which implements com.sodius.mdw.server.launch.LaunchInterceptor.
  6. Save the MANIFEST file.

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