Deploying a launch configuration

To deploy a launch configuration:

  1. Click File > Export...
  2. Click MDWorkbench > Deployable MDWorkbench configuration and click Next.
  3. Select a launch configuration to deploy and click Next.
  4. Type a directory in the Export Directory group. This is the folder where all relevant resources are exported.

    If you select Copy external JAR files, all JAR files part of your launch configuration classpath will be copied into the export directory.

  5. Click Finish.


Structure of the deployed launch configuration

Here is the structure of the deployed configuration in the export directory:

<export directory>/
    <MyLaunchName>.classpath (classpath to launch the configuration)
    <MyLaunchName>.jar       (Java archive which contains the deployed MDWorkbench project)
    <MyLaunchName>.launch    (launch definition, with determine the ruleset and models to use)

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