Variables View

The Variables View displays information about the variables associated with the stack frame selected in the Debug View. When debugging a DXL program, variables can be selected to have more detailed information be displayed in the Detail Pane.

The Variables View, shown with columns. The detail pane the area at the bottom of the view displaying text.

Variables View

Global Variables

By default DXL global variables are not shown in the Variables view for child stack frames. This is to keep a clean view and to focus on local variables, as a DXL program generally has a large number of global variables defined. You can request to see global variables in all frames by clicking DXL > Show Global Variables in the view drop down menu.

Sort Variables

By default DXL variables are displayed in their declaration order in the DXL program. You can request to sort variables alphabetically in all frames by clicking DXL > Sort Variables in the view drop down menu.

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