Viewing diagrams

The Diagrams view displays model elements and their references in a graphical way. This view can be displayed using the Show Diagrams View contextual menu in the model editor, or using the main menu Window > Show View > Diagrams.

Note: the Diagrams view requires the Graphical Editing Framework (GEF).

The Diagrams view displays diagram information based on the model element selected in the active model editor. It is a multi-page view and there may be multiple diagrams available for a particular model element. Diagrams may be contributed by a plugin developer. The platform provides two diagrams:

Constrained diagrams

ER and Hierarchy diagrams are constrained diagrams:

Free-form diagrams

Other diagrams may be provided by a metamodel administrator. Such diagrams may be free-form diagrams:

The toolbar of free-form diagrams provide the capability to customize the layout:

Custom Diagram templates

The ER and Hierarchy diagrams can be customized in a Preference page using the main menu Window > Preferences and MDWorkbench > Models > Diagrams. Using this Preference page, you may define additional templates for those diagrams.

To add a new diagram template, you must provide the follwing information:

You may optionally provide other information

A diagram template can then be selected using the Diagrams view toolbar.

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