MagicDraw Model

Global Data Structure

Global Data Structure

A ResourceSet is a set of containing Resources which are interconnected.
A Resource is an Artifact (as a File) containing EObjects.
A MDWEObject is an instance of a Metatype. It can contain other MDWEObjects through containment features.
A MagicDraw Model is a referencer of MDWEObjects. It only refers the Objects, it does not contain them.
When writing a MagicDraw Model, only Objects refered by the Model are writen.
Adding an Object to a Model will unrefer it from it previous Model, if it exists.

MagicDraw specificities

The main MagicDraw Resource commonly has a UML Model called "Data" as root.
It can contain Diagrams.
It has dependencies to external Modules and predefined Resources.

A MagicDraw module behaves like a main Resource. It can have external dependencies.
It provides public elements that can be externaly linked.
Predefined Modules can be resolved without requiring the original MagicDraw file.

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