Reading MagicDraw Data

Model Readers

Reading a MagicDraw SysML Model

By default, common SysML Stereotypes of a MagicDraw model are mapped to the corresponding common SysML OMG Stereotypes.
The OMG profile loaded by default is SysML 1.6.
For example, when a SysML MagicDraw model is read, a SysML Block in MagicDraw will be stereotyped by the SysML <<Block>> Stereotype, owned by the SysML OMG Profile (and not the SysML MagicDraw Profile).
As a reminder, the MagicDraw SysML Profile is owned by the "pathmap://MAGIC_DRAW/SysML_Profile.mdzip.uml" resource.
While the OMG SysML 1.6 Profile is owned by the "pathmap://UML_PROFILES/SysML_1.6.profile.uml" resource.

The Option OPTION_OVERRIDE_STANDARD_PROFILES allows to change this default behavior by setting MagicDraw SysML Stereotypes.

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