Release 3.4.1

New and noteworthy

No new features have been included in this maintenance release.


BIRT Reports

BIRT report on resources now properly displays the findings' collaboration links. Moreover, in the BIRT report on reviews which was already displaying them, when those links are unreachable remote resource, the title is now correctly displayed (was displayed as "null").

Resource deletion in SECollab with Neo4j

Resource and project deletion not correctly deletes all related nodes in the database, including any remaining node left out because of this bug.

Immutable Baselines

Some actions / buttons remained clickable in the web interface while in a baseline, giving the false impression that it was possible to modify the baseline.

Known issues

The list of known issues can be found on the known issues page.

Migration notes

There is no specific action to take upon migrating from version 3.x.x. Simply follow the Updating SECollab guidelines.