Release 3.2.0

New and noteworthy

Resource Attributes

Project administration now allows creation of Resource Attributes. These Attributes can already be attached to Reviews, Comments and Findings.
Resource Attributes' type can be Integer, Text, Html Text, Boolean, Date, Single-valued Enumeration, Multi-valued Enumeration. Enumerations are made of Allowed values. Allowed values have a title as well as an icon. It's possible to set a default value for each Attribute. Attributes can then attached to an rdf type amongst Review, Comment and Finding, and organized in a specific order.
Attributes can also be shared across the traceability model within the Component template.

Review Keys

When creating a review, you are now required to fill in a key. This key is a custom identifier for the review. It's only unique within the scope of a project.

Comment and Finding Labels

Comment and finding labels are user-friendly identifiers within the scope of a project. They are built using the key of the review that they belong to, followed by an integer increment on each comment / finding within this review.

Word annotations highlight

When a comment is selected in a Word design, you can see the corresponding annotation in orange so you know precisely what this is about.

Capella requirements publication

The Capella publisher now supports the publication of Capella's requirement artifacts, as provided by the standard Capella extension.

Known issues

The list of known issues can be found on the known issues page.

Migration notes

There is no specific action to take upon migrating from version 3.x.x. Simply follow the Updating SECollab guidelines.